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A great deal of my professional career as a graphic designer has been designing tee shirts for a company called College Hill. Tee shirt design is one of my favorite design mediums because of how restricted it is by colors and printing limitations. This forces creativity and the exploration of new techniques to achieve various results. Working within confined rules has taught me to adapt my style and learn to create in new ways. 


All of the designs above were created during my time with College Hill.


Recently, I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to create album covers for a few people. Album artwork is a unique design medium as it requires taking a lot of elements into account. The most interesting, and my favorite element, is the style of the music. Capturing the essence and vibe of the music that is being produced as well as making the cover visually appealing is a fun challenge.


The album artwork showcased above is a mixture of passion projects as well as album covers that have been used by artists for their work.


Posters are one of the most unique areas of design. It is important to capture the attention of the target, tell a short story and create cohesion with the brand all in one piece of work. The highly dynamic nature of poster designs is what makes it so much fun for me. Poster design is something that I would like to spend more time on as I continue to grow as a designer because it incorporates so many elements from marketing.


Branding is one of my favorite areas of design. It allows you, as a designer, to take every detail into account and put them all together to create a full personality and aesthetic for a company. One of the hardest things about branding for me is picking a direction. I find it difficult to choose the “best” direction for a brand when I have all the ideas spinning around in my head. That being said, the creativity and few limitations to branding design is what draws me to it so heavily.


Above are various brands that I have created over my career, some were for clients and others are passion projects.